130th Anniversary Program

Projects, Ceremonies, and Events in Commemoration of the 130th Anniversary of the Founding of the Senshu University

On September 16, 2009, Senshu University celebrated the 130th anniversary of its founding. On this special occasion, we have undertaken a variety of commemorative projects, ceremonies, and events in an attempt to re-acknowledge the history and tradition of Senshu University, an institution that its founders and our predecessors created, built up, and nurtured over the years.

Ongoing Commemorative Projects

Let’s Build a University! a Movie (now in production) Commemorating the 130th Anniversary of the University

As a culmination of all projects in commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the founding of the University, we are in the process of producing the movie entitled Let’s Build a University! – That’s When They See the Future. This movie is based on the book Lions with Pale-Blue Wings by Kageki Shimoda, winner of the Naoki Literary Award, and depicts the life and struggles of the four founders of Senshu University in their youth.

Senshu University Alumni Lifelong Email Address Service (ongoing since 2006; new applications no longer accepted)

This Service was launched to help promote interaction between the University and alumni, as well as among alumni.

Senshu University Cup-Kanagawa Prefecture School Baseball Tournament (Ongoing since 2006)

Following its 21st century vision of developing socio-intelligence, the University is working to nurture contributors to society, act in partnership with communities, and promote sporting activities. As part of its 130th year anniversary program, therefore, it has hosted the Senshu University Cup in collaboration with the Kanawaga Prefecture Baseball League since 2006. This is a rubber ball baseball tournament for schoolchildren in Kanagawa Prefecture, and its purpose is to support the healthy development of children in the prefecture.

Homecoming Days(Alumni Circle) (Ongoing since 2006)

To provide an opportunity for alumni to see Senshu University today, as it targets fresh development based on a foundation of tradition, and to further deepen their friendships with former teachers and classmates, Senshu University Homecoming Days have been held on the Ikuta Campus since 2006.

Publication of SI Libretto Book Series (ongoing since 2009)

As part of its 21st century vision of Social Intelligence, the University publishes SI Libretto to share information about its educational and research programs with a larger audience. The series began with the publication of For What People Have Traveled Far and Wide in March 2009, and new titles in the series continue to be published today.

Commemorative Ceremonies, Anniversary Celebrations, and Commemorative Events (including Related Projects)

Declaration in Commemoration of the 130th Anniversary of the University (Anniversary Date: September 16, 2009)

President Yoshihiro Hidaka made the declaration in commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the University on the Kanda campus.

History Exhibition: Era of Founders of Senshu University (Sep 16 ~ Nov 22, 2009)

The history exhibitions, entitled Era of Founders of Senshu University, which featured the footprints of the four founders of Senshu University, were held on the Kanda and Ikuta campuses, the University’s satellite campuses, and at the Exhibition Gallery of the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space.

Commemorative Ceremony and Celebration of the 130th Anniversary of the Founding of the University (University’s Designated Anniversary Date: October 30, 2009)

The commemorative ceremony and celebration of the 130th anniversary of the University were held at the Hotel New Otani (Minato-ku, Tokyo), with the participation of 1,000 people, including faculty members and administrative staff, as well as alumni and their parents.

130th Anniversary Commemorative Gathering: 130 Years with Students (Oct 31, 2009)

The 130th Anniversary Commemorative Gathering was held on the Ikuta campus with the participation of students, alumni, and students’ parents. Ms. Marie Ueda (alumna), a broadcaster at Nippon Television Network, hosted a talk show featuring Mr. Kazuki Kosakai (alumnus), an entertainer, and Dr. Yoshihiro Hidaka, president of Senshu University.

Symposium in Commemoration of the 130th Anniversary, as well as the New Establishment of the School of Human Sciences and Reorganization of the School of Letters (Nov 6, 2009)

In commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the University’s founding as well as the new establishment of the School of Human Sciences (Department of Psychology and Department of Sociology) and the reorganization of the School of Letters, lecture presentations and a symposium entitled Where Does This Difficult Life Lead Us? were held on the Kanda campus by inviting as guest speakers Rika Kayama, psychiatrist and professor at Rikkyo University, and Chizuko Ueno, sociologist.

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 Special Concert in Commemoration of the 130th Anniversary of the University (Dec 5, 2009)

A special concert featuring the Senshu University Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Kenichiro Kobayashi was held at the Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa).

Overseas Seminars in Commemoration of the 130th Anniversary of the University (Mar 7 ~ 15, 2010)

Commemorative overseas seminars were held at four universities in the United States, where the four founders of Senshu University had studied—Harvard University, Yale University, Rutgers University, and Columbia University. Eighteen students participated in these commemorative overseas seminars.

Completed Projects

Issuance of Commemorative Stamps (Sales ended in December 2006)

In 2006, a limited 1,000-sheet run of commemorative stamps was produced, and these are now being distributed. These feature a wide variety of designs, including the University’s logo and lion mascot “Sendy,” as well as historical photos of the University, the Ikuta Campus No. 10 Building while under construction, and valuable items from the university library’s collection. These stamps consist of a two-layer design so that the picture part can be reused as a sticker after use as a stamp.

Memorial Pole and Statute of Themis (Feb, 2007)

A memorial pole surmounted by a statue of Themis, Goddess of Justice, was erected in front of Kanda Campus Building No. 8 in February 2007, providing a clear visual reminder of the presence in this building of the Graduate School of Law.

130th Memorial Building― “Ikuta Campus Building No. 10” (Mar 2007)

This new school building was built to further enhance the educational environment. It consists of seven stories, including one below ground, and has a total floor area of approximately 21,000 square meters, making it the University’s second largest building. It has a total of 33 classrooms and 32 seminar rooms of all sizes, including a large multipurpose hall with a capacity of 615, giving it a combined seating capacity of 5,445. It is also equipped with an “academy mall” suitable for presentations and a core information zone (furnished with 102 computers) to provide all the facilities needed to suit students’ diverse styles of learning, and it is seen as the Ikuta Campus’s new hub for the “transmission of knowledge.”

TV Commercial (From FY2007 to FY2009)

With the aim of further expanding and enhancing the brand image of Senshu University, we sponsored TV commercials on Fuji Television Network’s evening news broadcast program FNN Super News (aired on 28 Fuji Television Network-affiliated stations nationwide). This was the first attempt by a university in Japan to advertise on a national TV program.

Satellite Campus (Opened January 2009)

To provide a center for the continued development of the University’s capacities for contributing to society and the development of diverse activities, a “satellite campus” has been established in part of a new building right next to Mukogaoka Yuen Station on the Odakyu Line. This will provide a superb location for a variety of activities, including general access to information, lifelong learning opportunities, and events showcasing the University’s accomplishments.

Sponsoring a Featured Article Power of Social Intelligence in the Japanese Weekly Economic Magazine Diamond (Profiles of 130 Alumni of Senshu University) (Jun ~ Sep, 2009)

In order to introduce to a wider audience Senshu University’s outstanding track record of producing capable members of society since its founding, interviews with 130 alumni, who used to be and are currently movers and shakers in society, were presented in 13 serial installments in the weekly magazine Diamond.

Making Bronze Busts of Founders (Anniversary Date: September 16, 2009)

We made bronze busts of Messrs. Nagatane Soma, Tanetaro Megata, and Shigetada Komai. (A bronze bust of Mr. Inajiro Tajiri had been already made).

Full-Page Ad in National Newspapers (Anniversary Date: September 16, 2009)

We ran a 15 column-full page advertisement about Senshu University in four national newspapers (Yomiuri Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, and Sankei Shimbun).

Installing the Kuromon (Black Gate) donated by Ikuyu-Kai (Friendship Society) (Mar, 2010)

The Kuroman (Black Gate), which was the main gate of Senshu University during the Meiji era (1868–1912), was donated for installation on the Kanda campus by Senshu University’s Ikuyu-kai (Friendship Society) formed by students’ parents and guardians, as a monument in commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the University’s founding. The unveiling ceremony of the Kuromon Black Gate was held on March 16.

Other Related Events in Commemoration of 130th Anniversary of the University

The book entitled the History of Senshu University was published in September 2009.

High School Teacher Training Program (From FY2007 : School of Letters)

Culture Lectures(From FY2005)

*Other related projects that have been completed include a special exhibition of important and valuable literature and documents in the possession of the University Library and lectures sponsored by the University’s Social Intelligence Development and Research Center.