Institute for Social Science

This institute was established hastily in 1949, when Japanese universities came under the new university system. Activities were subsequently suspended for a number of years. In 1963, the facility was re-established with the objective of conducting comprehensive research into economics and related sciences. This objective remains in place today.

The institute is staffed by 168 full-time Senshu University faculty members. To achieve its above-mentioned objective, the institute hosts research society meetings, conducts comprehensive research on specified topics, undertakes practical surveys, hosts public addresses, publishes institutional papers, provides assistance for research expenses, and other activities. For the most part, the arrangement of these activities is done on a voluntary basis by the staff, who are also members of the institute. Activities of the institute pertain to graduate students in the following three ways.

(1) Students who are in the doctoral program or have completed it at Senshu University can become special researchers at the institute (tenure of one year). In addition, when permission is granted by the head of the institute following discussion by the editorial committee, students can write annual or monthly reports.

(2) Graduate students of Senshu University are allowed to borrow books from the institute (maximum borrowing period: three months).

(3) Not only may graduate students of Senshu University participate in research society meetings open to the public, they may also participate in practical surveys and joint extended research society meetings with the permission of the head of the institute.(However, relevant expenses shall be borne by the student.)