Central Gymnasium

The Central Gymnasium (Ikuta) was completed in 1983 in commemoration of the centenary of the University’s establishment. The building consists of three stories above ground plus a basement and has a total floor area of 12.716.05m2

The basement houses two table tennis rooms, a judo dojo with a 204-mat (approx. 330m2) floor area and a training center equipped with 64 varieties of equipment that are indispensable for those who want to develop their basic physical strength.
Central Gymnasium_01
The 1,450m2 arena on the first floor can be used for basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, handball, etc. The heated eight-lane swimming pool installed on the second floor measures 25m × 18.6m × 1.8m and is used as an official short swimming course pool for competitive events. In addition, the second floor features a 434m2 fencing field, while the upper part of the arena is occupied by a skating rink for 296 people and a 168 m long running track.

Other interior facilities include a wrestling mat room, a kendo (Japanese fencing) room, a sumo dojo, an archery room and two multifunctional gyms. Exterior facilities feature rugby pitches, a multifunctional ground with natural grass and one with artificial grass, a riding ground and an all-weather drill hall, tennis courts, archery fields and Roller hockey field. Over the years, these fine facilities have fostered many famous athletes.
Central Gymnasium_02