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Information for Prospective Students

About Senshu University


Japanese Language and Culture Program

The Japanese Language and Culture Program provides an opportunity for international students to study Japanese, regardless of whether they belong to a university with which Senshu University has an international exchange agreement. Offered four times a year (in the spring, summer, fall, and winter), the program attracts students from countries around the world who wish to undertake a balanced study of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in Japanese, while simultaneously learning about Japanese culture.

The BCL Program (Survey of Japanese Business, Survey of Culture & History and Language Course)

From September to December, the University offers a course known as the Japanese Business, Culture, History and Language Program (BCL Program) for English-speaking international students from universities with which Senshu University has international exchange agreements. The program provides instruction in Japanese, as well as lessons on Japanese culture, history, and business in English.
The BCL Program is opened only for the students from the partner universities.

Year-Long Study in Japan: Business, Culture, and Language Program   NEW!
Starting in September 2018

The “Year-Long BCL Program” is designed for students from partner universities who wish to improve their Japanese language skills and gain a deeper understanding of Japanese business, culture, and history.
Through this program, Senshu University offers many opportunities to participate in activities alongside Japanese students, including tea ceremonies, calligraphy classes, visits to cultural & historical places, and more!
Additionally, students will live in our on-campus dormitory (affectionately called the International House”), where both international students and Japanese students reside throughout the school year.
This program is opened only for the students from the partner universities.

International One-Year Exchange Student Program

The students' purpose at Senshu University is not only for studying Japanese but also for attending regular classes. According to the students' application forms, they will be assigned to an appropriate school and department as well as a suitable advisory professor for their studies. This course is non degree program. Both undergraduate and graduate level courses are available.
The International Exchange Program is opened only for the students from the partner universities.

About the International Center (in Japanese) 

Message from the Dean of International Center
About the International Center
Contact Information
International Center, Senshu University
2-1-1 Higashimita, Tama-ku, Kawasaki-shi
Kanagawa 214-8580 Japan
TEL: +81-44-911-1250  FAX : +81-44-911-1243