1. Should I buy health insurance?
?Yes, all participants in the JLC Program are required to have health insurance that will cover them during their stay in Japan. Therefore, please obtain oversees health insurance before departing your home country. Upon arriving in Japan, you will be asked to submit a copy of your “Health Insurance Policy” to the Senshu University International Academic Affairs Office.
2. Is a shuttle bus service or transportation from the airport provided?
?No, all participants in the JLC Program are responsible for their own transportation to and from the airport. [Access]
3. Can I have a single occupancy room in the dormitory?
?Specially designed single occupancy rooms are only available to those with disabilities upon request.
All other rooms will be shared by two students. Full-time Senshu University students will also reside in the dormitory as resident assistants/resident partners throughout the entire JLC Program.

Note: In order to facilitate many cross-cultural interactions, we aim to pair each international student with a Japanese roommate (i.e., resident assistant/resident partner). However, we cannot guarantee that every international student will have a Japanese roommate due to the varying number of participants each term.

● Resident Assistants (RA) = Senshu University students who reside in the dormitory as international students’ roommates. Along with providing support to international students, they have administrative duties and oversee dormitory-related activities.

● Resident Partners (RP) = Senshu University students who participate in the dormitory’s “domestic study abroad program” as international students’ roommates. Accordingly, participants take courses relating to cross-cultural communication before international students arrive.
4. If I complete this program, are credits transferable to my university?
?Only certain universities will accept credits through participating in the JLC Program, so please check with your respective academic institution.
5. Can I extend my stay and/or arrive early?
?Depending on your flight schedule, you can extend your stay at the Senshu University International House (dormitory) and/or arrive early by three (3) days before/after the corresponding program period.  If you require this, please inform the Senshu University International Academic Affairs Office as soon as possible.
6. How should I pay the total program costs?
?Once you receive a “Notice of Acceptance”, please pay the total program costs (i.e., application fee, tuition and related fees, university facility fee, accommodation fee [if applicable], and home visit fee [optional]) via a telegraphic/wire transfer to the bank account specified in the “Notice of Acceptance” by the corresponding payment deadline.

Note: Senshu University does not offer any type of financial assistance to participants in the JLC Program. Therefore, any scholarships, grants, or loans must be obtained privately. Furthermore, the total program costs must be paid in full at one time; you cannot pay in installments.
7. Can I take more than one term of the JLC Program consecutively?
?Yes, it is possible to continue participating in the JLC Program for more than one term. However, in most cases, you cannot apply for a student visa (or visa extension) while in Japan. Therefore, if you wish to participate in consecutive terms, please contact the Senshu University International Academic Affairs Office ahead of time for details.
8. Is Wi-Fi available inside the dormitory?
?Yes, the Senshu University International House (dormitory) has free Wi-Fi available to all residents. There is also free Wi-Fi available to students throughout the campus.

Note: Due to the limited number of desktop computers inside the dormitory, it is recommended that you bring your own laptop computer and/or other electronic devices.