Entering Japan / Visa

Applicants from countries that have mutual visa exemption agreements with Japan will not require a visa to participate in the JLC Program. Please confirm if you will require a visa before applying.

Applicants who require a visa to participate in this program must obtain a "Temporary Visitor" visa.
“Student Visas” will not be issued to participants in the JLC Program. Senshu University cannot assume responsibility for visa extensions, so students should be careful about which day they enter/leave Japan.

Senshu University will send each applicant a "Letter of Acceptance" and other documents upon confirming that the total program costs have been paid. Students who require a visa to enter Japan will need this document in order to proceed with the application process. In order to proceed, applicants must appear in person at the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate and present their passport as well as the appropriate application forms and other necessary documents. Because obtaining a visa may take time, it is recommended that preparations be started early and that prompt attention be given to all application procedures. For more details, you should address your inquiries to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country.


Participants are expected to arrange their own transportation to the Senshu International House (dormitory). If possible, please try to arrange your flight schedule so that you can arrive at the Senshu International House between 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. on the arrival date specified for your term. Please inform the Senshu University International Academic Affairs Office of your flight schedule once it has been determined.

The nearest train station to the dormitory is Mukogaoka-yuen station on the Odakyu line. The dormitory is a 14-minute walk away from the south exit of the station. Students carrying luggage are advised to take a taxi from either the north or south exit of Mukogaoka-yuen station to the dormitory considering that the dormitory is located on top of a hill. A taxi from the station costs approximately ¥1,000 JPN-yen and takes 10 minutes.

The Senshu University International Academic Affairs Office is happy to provide students with any assistance upon request, so please let us know if any is required.

Campus Facilities

Other than days when afternoon events are scheduled, students are free after classes end (12:50 p.m.). Students may use this free time to interact with Senshu University students or use the campus facilities (library, gymnasium, pool, training room, computer room, bookstore, cafeteria, etc.).

Please keep in mind that these facilities have their own rules and may sometimes be unavailable when being used for classes and/or by members of the Senshu Sports teams.

Extended Stay and Home Visit

Extended Stay at the Dormitory

If necessary, students can stay at the Senshu International House (dormitory) for three additional nights both before and/or after the starting and ending dates of their respective program, for an additional fee. Please notify the Senshu University International Academic Affairs Office if you wish to extend your stay. The accommodation payment can be made in cash at the International Academic Affairs Office. Unfortunately, credit cards are not accepted.

Home Visit [Two Nights/ Three Days] (Optional) 

It's a unique and fun opportunity to experience family life in Japan!

Through a three-day home visit, students will be able to directly experience typical Japanese family life (organized through Homestay in JAPAN, Nextage Co., Ltd.).
Note: Suitable host families are thoroughly recruited with home visits arranged according to availability.

Health Care & Insurance

The JLC Program fee does not include any type of insurance. All participants are responsible for any kind of health issues or injuries incurred during their stay. Before coming to Japan, serious medical and dental treatment should be fully taken care of. After arriving, all hospital charges for any illness diagnosis and/or prescribed medicine must be paid by the participants. Since healthcare is very expensive, participants must make appropriate healthcare arrangements before their departure so that unexpected incidents will be covered by their own insurance. Please be aware that students are only able to use the free on-campus Student Health Center for emergencies and basic first aid.

[Insurance Certificate]
All participants must submit a photocopy of their Insurance Certificate (including information such as the certificate number, policy period, coverage, amount, etc.) to the International Center upon their arrival at the Senshu International House (dormitory). Students who do not provided a copy of their Insurance Certificate will not be allowed to participate in the JLC Program.