Ga?l Fickou, a perfect gentleman for the JEANRICHARD Team


1-?? How would you describe your “Philosophy of Life”?

My philosophy is to live as happy a life as possible, doing what I like best and always looking on the bright side.


2-?? Is time a luxury for you?

Of course. There are too many things to do and share to waste time and not live life to the full.


3-?? Tell us about the longest and shortest minutes of your life?

The shortest minute was when I scored against England in the 2014 6 Nations Championship.

The longest minute was the announcement of the 36-player squad for the World Cup.


4-?? If you weren’t playing rugby, how would you spend your time?

I have never considered anything else but rugby. And becoming a professional player has always been my only goal. I can't imagine my life without rugby.


5-?? How do your roots help you move forward?

Strength is rooted in suffering... I come from a bit of a tough background. My roots help make my dreams come true while keeping my feet firmly on the ground.


6-?? Where does your passion come from and how do you pass it on to others?

My brother played and he passed on his passion for rugby at a time when I was more attracted to football. I don't have kids or a younger brother but passing on my skills and love for the sport is very important to me. I hope to inspire young people by aiming for excellence on the pitch.?


7-?? How would you describe your place and role within a team?

I am the youngest player on the team. I therefore have to prove myself, by giving it my best while being discreet and humble.


8-?? What’s been your greatest discovery/adventure?

My greatest adventure is without a doubt what I'm currently experiencing: the World Cup. Being part of the French team is an unbelievable experience, both personally and professionally.

Another was another World Cup in 2012 for the U20s.


9-?? Which of the values of JEANRICHARD do you identify with most?

For me, the JEANRICHARD brand conveys simplicity, elegance and efficiency.


10- What values do you see in yourself?

I would say simplicity.


11- What causes are you committed to?

I am not committed to a specific cause. However, I do try to support rugby in Senegal where my father lives. I regularly take over equipment and share my passion and experience with the young people there.